Living in China

Living and working in China can be one of the most exciting and growing experiences of your life, and a foundation for all that comes after.


Whether you have never lived abroad, or a seasoned ESL Teacher with world experience, we cannot recommend living and working in china enough.


If it’s fantastic food your after- even the $1 street meals will blow away your local take-away.

If you’re looking for culture- in a place as ancient as China, you are immersed at every step.


Networking?; well China is the new ‘wild wild west’ of commerce, and if you have an entrepreneurial heart- China has a niche for you. And if looking to find a companion- Chinese people are really excited to talk and engage with foreigners.

If you are in to nightlife – the major cities have great bars and clubs, and throughout the country there is always street trade and festivities at all hours.


If you desire to learn the Chinese language – we can help make this happen, and some of our schools will even include this for free with your contract.

If it’s simply the world and career experience you seek, this will not only look great on your CV- but will build within you the confidence and the social skills, employers seek in their recruits. It is the ultimate win-win. Experience a new culture and gain the credentials to boost your qualifications back home. Hey, you may never leave China- hundreds of ex-pats stay indefinitely. The country is awesome.

Walk out your door- and step into a different world

Chinese cities provide the best employment opportunities for our candidates; From Beijing, Shanghai, to Wuxi and Shenzhen- the cities of China, with wildly different culture and color, provide our teachers a home with excitement and culture, and an experience of a life time.

If it’s the countryside, or a much small town you are looking for- We can place you in a small isolated mountain village with Buddhist temples surrounding


China is such a huge country; the one thing you’re sure to find is adventure.

We often get asked about the cost of living in China, but we have found that this varies drastically based on location and spending habits. But to give you an estimate based on one of our employment hubs, Beijing-the mega city of the world, here is a brief description of cost:


  • Average Teachers Wage- 15,000 Yuan p/Mth. (approx. 2230USD at time of writing)
  • Rent-Shared apartment with other Expats- 2,000 Y
  • Transport (taxi and subway)and all utilities – 600 Y
  • Basic food cost – 1000 Y


Leaving a frugal saver with around 12,400 Yuan a month! Of course we recommend enjoying your time more- eating out, engaging in local entertainment. Without buying brand name ‘western’ clothing and gadgets, spending your wage from month to month will prove a challenge – but again you can rent your own apartment and eat out for every meal- this will cut down your cash surplus.

If you have never seen passers by push a broken down bus up a city street, walked past people selling street side crispy starfish snacks (tastes like death) or read a sign in ‘Chinglish’, you will find something to smile about in this awesome land.

We have your dream job!

If you want to live like a king or queen and be able to save good money at the same time- teaching in China is the way to go! Earn more than a local doctor for just a regular 30 hour week, and spend your free time enjoying the color and flavor of China.

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